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Valentine’s Day Through The Ages

Valentine’s Day, or at least its origins, has been a long debated topic for a while now. There is no clear-cut documentation stating that the 14th of Feb shall here forth be declared the day of love, no questions asked. Valentine’s traditions as we know them are filled with lavish dinners for two, flowers, chocolates and cute cuddly stuffed animals. But, did you know the origins of the day of love are a little darker than the light-hearted, fluffy holiday we celebrate now? Read on below for a few, blow-by-blow accounts on how Valentine’s Day has been celebrated through the ages.

Meanwhile, Back In The Roman Empire…

During the age of the Roman Empire, the time frame that Valentines Day falls on now used to be quite a different celebration indeed. From the 13th to the 15th of February, the Romans would celebrate the festival of Lupercalia. In this pagan festival, the guys would hit on the girls by quite literally hitting them. You see, this festival saw the young men of Rome strip naked and give an animal sacrifice to the Gods above. They would then take a whip and beat the young women of the village in hopes of making them more fertile. Whilst this may sound barbaric to the feminist movement of today, young woman would actually line up, hoping for their bodies to be blessed with virtue through this questionable practice. The next time you want to complain about where your date takes you for Valentine’s dinner, count your lucky stars he isn’t taking you down to the town Lupercalia fest.

The Love Struck Bard

As time passed, so the holiday became sweeter, thanks to the likes of literature from Chaucer and Shakespeare. The men romanticized love, and as such, the holiday became more PG than the Roman fertility festival. During the middle ages, Valentine’s Day gained mass popularity through Britain and most of Europe, and was celebrated by gifting your loved one with a hand made card.

Valentines Day As We Know IT

It was only in the 19th century that the holiday began to spread to the new world, with the industrial revolution issuing factory-produced card in mass. 1913 marks the first ever batch of iconic Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards being dispatched in Kansas City, and the rest is history. If you were planning on going all out for your love this Valentine’s Day, why not avoid stripping down to make an animal sacrifice and whipping her into fertility? Rumour has it that both men and woman of today appreciate simpler, less barbaric tokens of love. Ladies, why not help your gent look dapper this Valentine’s by gifting him with an amazing blazer? And gentlemen why not help your lady feel lovely with a beautiful dress? Take a look at the great range of items available for you and your other half at Clothing Direct, and give the gift that will keep on giving this Valentine’s Day!

News Years Resolutions: Creating A Professional Wardrobe In January

January is a time of new beginnings for many people. Some find new years resolutions in giving something up; others find theirs in taking on more. So with all the new beginnings in the air, why not turn your working wardrobe around in 2018? Though going back to the bump and grind of the working world isn’t necessarily a joyous occasion for all, it can be exciting if you have a brand new wardrobe to look forward to! Read on below for a few ideas on how you can spruce up your working wear in the new year and feel great whilst doing it.

Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Life

Many of us tend to stick to the safer grey scale wardrobe when it comes to work wear. But one of the easiest (and most enjoyable) ways to spruce up your look on the new year is to add a splash of colour here and there. We’re not suggesting you throw out all of your black, white and grey attire and show up to work in the new year looking like you ran through a rainbow, but why not add a colourful blouse or button up shirt to your look? Colour has an incredible power on the human psyche, and maybe a little splash of happiness is all you need in your professional appearance.

Be Daring And Change It Up Completely

If you’re looking for the ultimate kind of rejuvenation for your wardrobe, why not be daring and change it up completely? If you usually pull together a very casual look, step it up a notch and dress your look up with a blazer. You could go all out and suit up one day a week in the new year! Alternatively, if you’re used to rocking the straight up and down look day in day out, why not drab down a tad? If your profession allows, switch up your button up top for a golf neck tee every Friday. Changing your style in a daring way can really make a big difference to your working wardrobe, so why not give it a try in 2018?

Get Everything You Need For Your Wardrobe New Years Resolutions Today

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A History Of The Uniform

What does a decorated war veteran, neurosurgeon, prisoner and schoolgirl all have in common? They all wear uniforms! The uniform has been around for years and years, but have you ever stopped to think just where these pieces of clothing came to be? The history of the uniform is scatted throughout the ages, and Clothing Direct will take you on a trip down memory lane below so read on!

The First Documented Uniform

To be fair, there is no real ‘first ever uniform’ in history. However, the first know – or suspected – uniforms belonged to those of the Roman legion. Formally established somewhere around 500 B.C. the roman military legion used to wear a basic tunic uniform, which was loosely regulated. This however grew in popularity through the ages, with many countries developing their own colours to wear into battle.

Other Common Uniforms Throughout History

Another highly common uniform, and one of the oldest, is that of school goers. The first documented school uniform in history pertains to the cappa clausa, a kind of robe ordered to be worn by school goers by the archbishop of Canterbury, England in 1222. Although being thought out early on, the school uniform only became a truly common thing in the 16th century in England.


Another common uniform is that of the medical practice. However, did you know that up until the 20th century, surgeons were not required to wear any kind of uniform at all? Up until this point, doctors would operate wearing no protective gear but a butcher’s apron to cover their own clothes from blood spatters. Yes, that means they’d operate bare handed and unmasked! However, the nurses’ uniform was developed a century prior to doctors. Derived from a nun’s habit, the nursing uniform first began to appear in the early 19th century. It was only in the late 1970’s that the short sleeve V-neck scrubs that we know today began to emerge.

If You Are In Need Of A Uniform

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Three Fashion Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Closet

Fashion is fickle. It is ever changing and often hard to keep up with. However, Clothing Direct has come up with three fashion essentials everyone (men and women alike) cannot go without! Read on below to discover what fashion essentials are waiting for you at our online store right now.

The Blazer

A blazer is a fashion MUST. This timeless piece of clothing can be worn to a high to do business meeting with a great pair of slacks, or over a comfy tee to dress up a look for a night out on the town. A blazer is really something not closet should be without, so take a look at the great pieces available for you from Clothing Direct right here.

The Denim

A good pair of denims is a must have in every ones closet. Think about how often you wear jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them out, wear them in. Wherever you are, the trusty old pair of denim jeans has its place. Being around for over a hundred years, its easy to see why these are a staple of all wardrobes. Find the perfect pair for you with Clothing Direct right here.

The Tee

The tee shirt is one of the most worn items of clothing around the world. Weather being worn as a statement, or simply as a comfy, round the house piece of clothing, the t-shirt has really come a long way in society over the years. You can wear this item of clothing in a ton of different styles, making it a wardrobe must have for anyone. Take a look at Clothing Direct’s great rage of tees right here.


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Tips To Landing That Corner Office Spot

Getting your hands on the corner office is often a term used to describe success within the corporate world. The corner office brings an air of accomplishment with it. Whilst the power seat may not necessarily always be located in the corner, there is a definite pull to getting yourself into that office! Therefore, read on below to discover a few tips on how to work your way up the corporate food chain.

Don’t Be Afraid To Believe In Yourself

In order to gain respect of others, you need to fully believe in the power of you first. Being your own biggest advocate is the first step to take on the road to success. You need to be able to promote yourself positively by mentioning your past achievements and accomplishments from time to time. However, the trick here is to not over do it. It is incredibly easy to over step the line and end up sounding like a pompous know it all. Find the balance and gain the ability to be your own biggest fan.

Put In The Effort

Working harder than your co-workers is another incredibly needed step to take to gain access to the corner office. Be willing to go the extra mile for that project, making yourself invaluable to the company as you do so. Just keep in mind that the amount of work you need to put in in the beginning wont always be as gruelling, and is for a greater reward. Furthermore, the more responsibility you take on, the more likely you will be to get noticed by your superiors, paving your way to the top.

Look The Part For The Corner Office

Another incredibly vital thing to do is to dress for success. if you look like a teenager, no body will take your seriously in the working world. Looking the part goes a long way on promoting you as a candidate for promotion. This is where Clothing Direct comes in. we have a ton of items to help you look the part. From formal men’s wear, to great corporate clothing for women, we have everything you’d need to look like you belong in the seat of power. Take a look at our great formal wear right here and get on your way to success now!

What To Wear This Winter

If winter is giving you the cold shoulder and leaving you stuck for outfit options, do not fear, Clothing Direct is here to help you revive your style! If you wish to pout your best foot forward in the office this winter, then take a look below to steal a few style ideas perfect for the colder months ahead.

One For The Ladies


How To Take This Trend

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Team this look up with a pair of sleek tights and formal boots and your formal winter wardrobe is good to go!

Now For The Gents

Gentle men, if you thought we had forgotten about your style needs this winter, the team here at Clothing Direct certainly haven’t! Take a look at the attire below and take your pick from any or all options!


Fifty Shades

How To Take This Trend


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All you need to do to finish of this look is team it up with a pair of brown leather lace-ups and your winter look is ready for the boardroom!

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How To Build Your Brand Through Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is really one of the best ways to build your brand in the modern business world. The realm of corporate is honestly a dog eat dog jungle out there. Getting your name recognized is a lot harder now days than it once was. Whilst everyone is striving for digital recognition, don’t lose sight of other, simpler ways to build your brand. Branded clothing is one of these methods. Read on below to discover how branded clothing items can help you stand out in the business world.

Give Your Audience A Gentle Reminder

Whether you are targeting potential investors, fellow businesses in a B2B attempt, or merely want to get the general public talking about your company, a branded piece of clothing is a great way to spread your word. One of the biggest benefits of branded apparel is that it is a constant subconscious reminder of your company. If you host a golf day and send your invitees home with a cap with your logo on it, the next time they take on the greens wearing that cap, they will remember your company. Furthermore, whomever they choose to tee off with that day with be exposed to your brand as well.

A Uniform Says A Thousand Words

Another great advantage of branded clothing is the fact that it can take your company up that extra professional notch. Walking into a business where your employees are kitted out in the same button up shirt can really send the impression of professionalism to your visitors. This will impress any visitor your company hosts and make you stand out against competitors.

People Like Free Things

At the end of the day, you need to remember that people love free things. Corporate gifts can really go a long way if you choose to represent your company through the right memorabilia. Pens are great, however, they are generic. It is hard for someone to notice that name on your ball point across the office. However, a t-shirt with your company logo emblazoned across the breast is certainly a hard reminder to miss. People appreciate corporate gifts and give aways; therefore, make yours stand out against the rest.

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How To Encourage People To Wear Uniforms – A Layman’s Perspective

Not everyone wears a uniform to school, but at some stage of anyone’s childhood, you probably would have worn a team sport uniform or any other uniform that represented a club or society that you may have belonged to.

Anyone who has worn a uniform will be able to testify that a uniform can be a blessing or a curse, depending on one of the following:

  • How you feel about the body/organisation that provided the uniform
  • How you feel about the design of the actual uniform
  • How comfortable/practical the uniform is
  • How much freedom of expression the uniform allows

So what do we mean by this?


How you feel about the body/organisation that provided the uniform

If you are proud to belong to a particular body/organisation, then you will want people to know that you are a ‘member’ and what better way to stand out as a group than to be seen in uniform. A uniform is an incredibly powerful way to brand and create awareness. When worn with pride, the effect can be incredibly powerful. Images of navy recruits come to mind here, as well as Olympic sports teams.

How you feel about the design of the actual uniform

If the uniform looks and feels good, you will feel good wearing it. This can be very tricky because not all colours complement all skin tones. If a company, for example, wants their uniforms to match the colours of their brand this may not look good in clothing. It would be better to possibly use more neutral colours and print or embroider the logo in a prominent place. Bottom line: If you want people to represent their uniform well, make sure the uniform makes them feel great.

How comfortable/practical the uniform is

A beautiful looking item of clothing is not going to be worn with pride if it is not suitable to the environment in which it is to be worn. Always take into account the kind of people who will be expected to wear the uniform, the type of work/sport/function they are expected to perform and the climate in which the uniform will be worn.

How much freedom of expression the uniform allows

This may seem counter-intuitive as the term uniform suggests that everyone should look the same and this will depend on the nature of the uniform and the body/team/organization. In some companies where uniforms are required, the employees will all wear the same shirt and jacket but may be able to choose, for example, to wear slacks or a skirt with the shirt. Allowing some freedom of expression can be a great way to encourage staff to wear a uniform.

We’ve provided a few tips on how to encourage people to wear their uniforms with pride, but we know there are even more creative ways to do this – why not place your suggestion in the comments box below?

Getting Creative with Office Layout

Number 1 – Personalized spaces

This next tip is vastly dependant on the nature of your industry, the type of company you work for and if your office environment will allow these changes.

Many office layouts can be boring and not allow for much creativity. This can be remedied by allowing employees to customize their workspace, or customizing your own workspace.

Customization can involve things like family photos, different chairs, crazy colours, small toys, creative lightbulbs or any memorabilia that makes that person tick. After all, if an employee is comfortable, happy and in a creative space, they will be able to be more focused, less stressed and be more productive.

Number 2 – Quiet Spaces for Focused Work

Not everyone can do their best in an open office space or open floor plan setting. When the time comes to focus, some people may find that specific work spaces enable employees to get in the zone, focus and not be disturbed.

Certain rules can be put in place to let others know that the person or people in the quiet zone are there for a reason and are not to be disturbed. One could even put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door when it is closed, not only to warn others that the room is being used but that the people in the quiet zone can focus and work without worrying about being distracted.

Number 3 – Eat Right and Sleep Well

The final tip is one we have all heard…

Constant bad eating stresses the body and can often create large peaks and dips in a person’s energy levels. If you add a bad diet to lack of sleep, there are no rejuvenating effects for the body.

According to the CDC, an estimated 60 million Americans do not get sufficient sleep, which is a critical recovery period for the body. It is critical that a person get sufficient amount of sleep every night with no early morning interruptions if possible. This may be hard if you have young children but try and catch up during a lunch break or tea break with a short 15 to 20 minute power nap.

5 Proven Tips to Relieve Stress At Work

Many of us dream about a possibility of not having to work as hard as we do or being able to be free from the constant stress at work. Unless you have invented a product that has made you a millionaire or you have recently won the lottery, chances are you are needing to work a full day job like the rest of us.

Having said that, the workplace does not have to be a place of stress, worry and anxiety! There are proven methods and ways to decrease stress levels at work and to actually have a bit of fun!

It is possible and we are going to explore 7 of these helpful tips in this article.

Number 1 – Take a Deep Breath.

In a typical day, you spend 28,800 seconds at the office. That’s 480 minutes. Assuming you work the typical 8 hour day at the office, you have 28,800 seconds to get all your work done, stay on top of new projects and meetings, run errands, respond to emails, make phone calls, attend meetings, make sales, return customer calls, create new designs, make bookings and and and…. Stop. Take a breath.

If you took 10 seconds out of your 28,800 second day to stop what you are doing and take a deep breath, you may just find yourself focusing a lot more relaxed, calm and focused on the task at hand as well as being more efficient.

A recent study shows that by simply inhaling for five seconds, holding and exhaling in equal counts through the nose is similar to getting the calm and focus of a 90-minute yoga class in three minutes or less at your desk. That is an easy task with big results and definitely worth a try!

Number 2 – Eliminate Interruptions

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us are constantly bombarded throughout the day. This may be in the form of messages, emails, telephone calls, walk ins, texts, social media, that one irritating co-worker, last minute enquiries or those pressing deadlines. These all conspire to make todays employees more distracted than ever.

Now, you may not have control over the interruption itself but you are in control of how you handle it.
There are three ways you could handle these interruptions and choose how to react:

  1. Accept the interruption
  2. Cut it off
  3. Diagnose its importance and make a plan

As simple as these steps may sound, it is not easy to do in a stressful situation. It may be very helpful to have a ‘standardised’ response in order to acknowledge the situation and stay focused.

It is also very important to set standards or train those around you by answering email during certain time frames, setting up office hours to talk in person even closing the door when you need to focus.

There can be nothing wrong with escaping to a small office on your own in order to concentrate and get the job done.

Number 3 – Plan your day & schedule to be energized and focused

Many people go through the day using a “push, push, push” approach, thinking if we work the full eight to 10 hours, we’ll get more done. This is approach can be seen as working hard and not smart but in actual fact it has to be the perfect balance of both.

The ‘push, push, push’ headspace creates less productivity, stress levels that go up and you may find that you have very little energy left after work for your friends, family or social life.

It is advised to schedule breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch at your desk or do a breathing exercise. Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project conducted a study that has shown that if we have intense concentration for about 90 minutes, followed by a brief period of recovery, we can clear the build-up of stress and rejuvenate ourselves.

Neil Patel, a hugely successful entrepreneur and content marketer shared in an article that for him to write the amount of content he does and to ensure that it is of the quality standards that his audience has come to expect, he needs to completely block out all the noise and focus on the silence around him which helps him to concentrate.

Some people on the other hand may find escaping into their headphones a place of solace, peace and a place to be lost in their favourite music to truly focus on the tasks at hand.